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Our Vision

To see a society whereby the rights of indigenous minority communities are respected and their culture, habitat and environment is preserved for posterity.

Mission Statement

Creating an environment for the Yiaku to enjoy their fundamental rights hence improved livelihoods.

Our Vision

To raise consciousness on the Phenomenon of Climate Change

To organize and train Yiaku Peoples on Civic, Human and Indigenous People’s Rights at the National, Regional and International levels aimed at protecting and advancing women’s rights and interests.


Yiaku Laikipiak Trust (YLT) was founded in the year 2000 and officially registered in the year 2003. Since inception, YLT’s long term priority is the revival of Yiaku language, Protection of Mukogodo Forest, Indigenous Knowledge and livelihood support for the Yiaku people.

The Yiaku People are a Cushitic tribe that migrated from Ethiopia in 14th Century and settled in Mukogodo Forest in Laikipia North District in Kenya. The Yiaku People are a minority indigenous community with a population of less than 4,000 people.

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Yiakunte Language

Ongoing Projects

Watch Yiaku People Documentary

For The Preservation and Learning of The Yiakunte Language of The Yiaku Indigenous People.

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